Building Blocks


Building Blocks demands the undivided attention of the child to ensure proper hand eye coordination and build something beautiful. THe building blocks helps the child to develop the requisite concentration which further benefits the child in future to develop good communications skills. Public or personal engagement in a conversation demands a level of concentration which can be easily achieved in indulging with building blocks from early stages of the birth. Building blocks are open of the best way to reinforce concentration and introduce cognitive thinking in a child.

Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness demands information pertaining to spaces, areas, direction and forms. This skill helps one to build to understand how other objects and subjects function.Pu let is one of the other activity which helps tremendously for one to build spatial awareness.

Shape Recognition

One of the most overt and recognisable advantages of Building Block is introduction to shapes and colours.bvious benefits of building with blocks for toddler is learning their shapes. A child with the help of building block is able to recognise recurrence of different shapes in our day to day life and co relate them to the building blocks, giving them better sense of shape of different households with endless options for building!

Fine Motor Skills

Building blocks helps to nurture and develop fine motor skills of the child. It helps the child to understand and perform moving like holding, grabbing and moving that helps the child to carry on day to day function.The act of holding and grabbing helps child hands and arms development.

Creative thinking

Building Blocks helps unleash the inner creativity of the child. The child gets in touch with his inner intellect and explore the creativity by grabbing, moving and constructing building blocks.

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