Hip-Hop Dancing Board, Waldorf Rocker Balance Board

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About the Product :

Waldorf board is a semi circled piece of wood which accommodates the child to hone their balancing skill. This Waldorf can be used in many ways including as a slide, as a table, as a rocker, as play area for toys with wheels, as a rocking bed etc.


Contents of the Product :  

The board is made from natural solid wood which is carefully curved curved while maintaining its strength. The Waldorf board is then polished to provide lustre. A layer of rubberised cork is then pasted below the board to provide it anti skid property.

How to play? 

The child is to be shown the complete sheet for few seconds to memorise the sheet. The child is then asked to place the dowel on each one of the slot after placing the sheet in the box and covering it with tray. the child is to remove one dowel and then by the memory remove another dowel to find the matching one. Dowels from the slots can only be removed when the child finds the pair. This toy can also be played by parents for fun.

What will my child learn? 

This activity invokes the logical thinking in the child where he realises that picking a dowel shall reveal a figure which he has to match with another.

 The child needs to recall where the pair of the figure is placed thereby sharpening his memory skills. he toy helps the child towards better retention and storage of information.

The child needs to remove the dowels while observing underneath and place them back in holes created for them thereby strengthening the hand eye coordination.

What is it made up?

 Hip-Hop dancing board is made from natural wood and rubberised cork, which is a non-skid material.  All material are eco-friendly and safe for children.